A Brave Night Out

Last Sunday evening, I ventured out into town after a long weekend away. Rilo Kiley was performing at the Calvin (one of the local music venues of Northampton), and I had bought tickets with a friend months ago. Even though I only knew one of their albums, it was enough for me to determine they would be great in concert. Despite a few mishaps, they were great in concert.

The show started at 8. With two openers, that pushed back their stage time to 10. I know Rilo Kiley is an up and coming band, but do they really need two opening acts? I mean, come on, aren’t 2 opening acts reserved for huge bands like Coldplay and Radiohead? The first was a folk like musician, who was actually really good. Unfortunately, I do not remember his name since it was not on the ticket and I missed his intro. After a few songs, my friend and I decided to head downstairs to the bar where we spent the next hour and a half talking about how many teenagers it seemed were at the show. My friend then dared me to approach the guy sitting behind us at a table alone. He was the good looking opening act from earlier. I, of course, couldn’t get up the nerve to do it and a few minutes later he was joined by the drummer of Rilo Kiley. At that point, we realized they would not start their set for a long while.

A little after 10, we made our way back to our seats and Rilo Kiley finally graced the stage. They played all of their hits, of course, and sounded even better than on their albums. How often does that happen? It’s such a pleasure to learn that not all musicians are made to sound good by auto tuning in the studio. I will say that the guitarist, who is rumored to be dating Winona Ryder, is a bit strange. He kept making odd comments about shrooms, but then declaring he did not do them. The lead singer, Jenny Lewis (former child actress) dated the guitarist. They split up years ago but seem to have a good relationship on stage.

My two biggest disappointments: they didn’t play my favorite song – Love and War and they only played for an hour. In my book, that is a short set for the main act – especially considering it was a three hour show. If those are the two worst things about a show, I’d say it’s not all bad. I would definitely pay to see them again.


June 6, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Maggie replied:

    I found this photo of Jenny. She looks great!

  2. Sara Sarakanti replied:

    I loved Rilo Kiley too when they came to play here at Terminal 5!

  3. jennb276 replied:

    Yes, Rilo Kiley are great!! What kind of openers did they have in NYC? Just curious..

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