Sex & the City/NYC – You Gotta Love It!

Since I lived in NYC for a number of years before relocating to a college town, I have both an appreciation and a resentment for Sex & the City. Yes, everyone has heard of this show by now. In 1998, it rocketed Sarah Jessica Parker to fashion stardom after she spent decades dabbling in bit film roles and theater.

I first viewed the premiere episode during my film days working at a production company. We had received a preview of the series before it even aired. And while it was entertaining, I don’t think anyone thought it would become such a phenomena. Let’s face it: it’s not exactly realistic. Four career women whom are gorgeous, living in huge apartments, drinking cosmos every night, and buying manolos like they would buy bubble gum.

Carrie Bradshaw lives in a huge, rent controlled apartment in the Upper East Side. I believe her rent is $750 – never happens. Since she is a freelance writer, it is doubtful she could afford a $750 rent along with the chanel, dolce & prada clothes she wears everyday. To be fair, I count only one vacation – to LA. She didn’t go to Europe until she had a rich boyfriend to pay for it.

Still, I had high hopes for the movie. Did it deliver? Yes and no. I still love all of the characters, but they seemed to all be fighting for screen time. At 2 hours and 20 minutes, it’s difficult to give everyone a decent amount of time for a storyline. The majority of the time was spent on Carrie and her long suffering relationship with Big.

Jennifer Hudson portrayed Carrie’s assistant. Despite all of the hoopla surrounding her getting the part, she is barely in 20 minutes of the movie. All of the men in the womens’ lives are given even less screen time. I longed for more screen time with Charlotte & Harry, whom I feel owned the TV series’ happiest ending.

All that said, I still loved this movie. There are plenty of laughs when the girls spend time together and plenty of envy during all of the fashion show like sequences. I’m sure I’ll see it again before it leaves theaters.

Bottom line: if you loved this show, I dare you not to like, if not love, this movie just a little.


June 9, 2008. Uncategorized.

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