Music Review: Panic At the Disco – Pretty Odd

I have a great love for all things music, but most of my friends know that I am not a fan of current MTV staples. Although I like to think I give a lot of bands a fair chance, I do have to admit that I am not always so generous.

It was with great trepidation that I purchased the most current Panic At the Disco album. I am one of the few people I know whom still buys cds. I never think purchasing an album is a waste of money, because even if I don’t exactly love it, I always believe it is a learning experience. With this record, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m not familiar with Disco’s previous album, but I’m guessing from the title that this is not their normal cup of tea.  A cup of tea this most certainly is not.

This is a rock album with some beautiful melodies and harmonies that are reminiscent of The Beatles. The first track “We’re So Starving” assures its audience they’ve been away for “so long because we’ve been busy writing songs for you.” Just by listening to this first track, I was already intrigued. Each song thereafter proved to be brighter than the one before.

“When the Day Met the Night” is a summer power pop sing along that will have everyone humming. Even though not all of the songs are so upbeat, each and every one has its own beauty. “The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know” sounds so much like The Beatles, it’s as if they were channeling them in the studio. This album was mixed at Abbey Road Studios. If that’s not a good omen for great music, I don’t know what is.

Bottom line: there is something here for almost anyone. It has reaffirmed for me that music being created today does deserve a listen before being written off as the same recyclable tunes from every other band being played on the radio. Thank you, Panic At the Disco, for creating such a beautiful collection of tracks. I will no longer judge an album by its cover.


July 7, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Issa replied:

    I appreciate your music review! Well-written and a sound lesson for us all to reach out, let art touch us–despite the cover or our pre-conceived ideas. Thanks!!

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